Schwarzkopf Vegetal Natural Hair Colour Nut Brown

Schwarzkopf Vegetal Natural Hair Colour Nut Brown

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Long-lasting colour with natural tones
Strong hair with healthy shine
Blends greys*
*If you have more than 30% of grey hair, the colour result will naturally be lighter and more transparent.

Seek nature & choose balance
The principles of Ayurveda are rooted in the idea of balance. With 100% Végétale, Schwarzkopf's natural plant-based colouration, we extend this balance to you - for shiny, healthy-looking hair thanks to the goodness of nature, you can radiate confidence and beauty from within.

Trusted by thousands of years of tradition, henna coats and colours the hair while sealing the cuticle for strong hair with healthy shine

Also called Indian Gooseberry, Amla is common in Ayurvedic tradition.
Rich in essential fatty acids, it is traditionally known for giving hair strength and shine

With Ayurvedic Ingredients
Herbs and plants common to the practice of Ayurveda for healthy-looking coloured hair

Ultra-Gentle Formula
The natural colour powder respects your scalp

Vegan Formula**
**No animal-derived ingredients
With ayurvedic plants & herbs, With henna + amla, Selected ayurvedic ingredients to offer you the goodness of nature
Country of Origin
Suitable for vegetarians